How To Create The Perfect Vine

Have you tested your video production skills yet using Twitter’s Vine?

With Vine just over a month old, users are really starting to hit their stride in creating these 6-second video loops.

If you’re interested in perfecting your Vine skills, or getting the 4-1-1 on why and how to use it, keep reading.

No matter whether you’re using Vine for personal use or business, here are a few tips to keep in mind for Vine success.

There’s no draft queue. So be prepared to film your Vine and post it directly from the device you’re using. You can’t save takes, compare them to previous ones, and piece together a masterful finished product. But that limitation actually makes for more organic, authentic videos. So you’ll be ok.

Draft a filming partner. If you’re filming a Vine selfie – like journalist Dawn Siff’s epic Vine resume – you’ll need to recruit the services of a camera man. Just like with still photos, videos of yourself look much better when shot from a direct angle far enough away that only another person can film it.

Don’t use background music with words. Vines are constructed from several quick video takes that, together, form a constantly repeating filmic loop. If your recordings have a lyrical song in the background, think about how annoying that is to hear from a viewer’s perspective, with the song constantly jumping forward and back as you view the Vine. If you want to include music, go for the instrumental variety.

Show off personal style. Whether you’re filming a Vine for your own online brand or an official brand, injecting style makes for more enjoyable viewing (leading to enhanced shareability). A few great examples: Red Square Agency’s #Valenvines; Calvin Klein’s stop-frame New York Fashion Week message; and Urban Outfitters’ #UODogs canine appreciation sequence.

Don’t use the app without a clear purpose. If your Vine is a six-second still shot of your breakfast, mightn’t that make for a better Instagram? If Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, Vine is a micro-storytelling service, and you will need a micro-plan (check out this video planning template).

Have you posted any Vines you think are exemplary? Let us know in the comments!