How To Create A Facebook Page Reveal Tab

Want to increase the number of fans you get each day? One way to improve your conversion of new visitors into fans is by adding a reveal tab, a feature that we previously covered. However, we’ve yet to describe how to actually create the reveal tab. This tutorial will effectively walk you through the process of creating a reveal tab in order to increase the conversion of new visitors into fans.

Step 1: Install Static FBML

The first step of creating a reveal tab is to install the Static FBML (which you can find here). This application will enable you to create a custom tab within your Facebook Page. From the application page, click on “Add To My Page” and then select the Page that you’d like to create the reveal tab for as illustrated in the image below.

Add Static FBML Screenshot

Step 2: Design Your Reveal Tab

One of the most time consuming parts of creating a reveal tab is the design of the tab. There are a number of companies that are currently offer such services, it’s somewhat difficult to automate the creation of a nice design. Ultimately you could use any design service to create your custom tab as long as they know the restrictions of tabs. The only primary restriction that you should know is that custom tabs must be 520 pixels wide. Personally, I used Photoshop to create the reveal tab pictured below.

The key thing here was that I had something to offer to visitors who came to our Facebook Page. If you offer a visitor something for becoming a fan, you’ll dramatically the number of new visitors who become fans. This has helped dramatically boost the number of fans that we get when they visit our page. Combined with Facebook Ad campaigns, reveal tabs can be priceless.

In addition to designing the reveal tab, you’ll need to design how the tab will look once the reveal image is gone. Below is a screenshot of what we display once the person clicks “Like”.

Step 3: Create The Tab

For the most part, configuring your reveal tab is extremely easy. All you need to use is HTML with a couple lines of FBML (Facebook Markup Language). I’ve included the code below, so that you can easily implement the reveal tab within your Facebook Page. To edit the code, all you need to do is go through the following steps.

Click on “Edit Page”

First, visit the page that you added the “Static FBML” application to and click on “Edit Page” as displayed in the image below.

Edit The “Static FBML” App

Scroll down to where you see the “Static FBML” application. While my application says “AllFacebook” in the image below, yours will first say “Static FBML” until you change the title of your tab. Just click on the “Edit” link and you’ll soon be editing the HTML for your tab.

Static FBML App Edit Screenshot

Add The Code

The last part of the process is adding the code. To help you with the process, we’ve provided the basic code that you’ll need to create the tab in the box below.

You’re Done

That’s all there is to the process! While you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML to fully customize your reveal tab, you should now have a thorough understanding of the necessary steps to creating your reveal tab.

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