Create a Last Minute Valentine Day Poem Out of this Spotify Playlist App

It’s not serendipity – it’s your Spotify Playlist Poem’s anti-haiku masquerading as the perfect, inexpensive gift. Sure you bought the flowers, chocolate, made dinner reservations, but can you honestly say you went above and beyond? If your guy or gal is a music lover, you might want to consider the art of digital mixtapes. You can make a CD and emblazon it with your craftiness, but the digital playlist can follow your lover onto any device.

Want a Valentine’s gift that’ll earn you brownie points well into Spring? Say hello to Playlist Poetry! Here you can create your very own love poem using song titles from the Spotify library. We’ll turn your lyrical masterpiece into a playlist you can send on to your sweetheart. Now that’s amore.

This could only get better if Siri can do this for me…

Me: Do you love me Siri?

Siri: Let’s just say you have my utmost admiration.

Me: Ok, can you just make me a Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify and read me the playlist poetry with your hypnotically addicting voice?















You can also purchase Spotify gift cards for your loved ones if you are feeling uber generous.  They are available online and at Target locations and can be used towards Spotify Premium or Unlimited subscription services.