Create Custom Cards to Promote Your eBook in the Real World

Digital book marketing services company Livrada has launched Livrada for Authors, a tool that lets writers create custom eBook cards to promote digital books the real world. Authors can use business cards/flyers to promote their works while at readings or meetings, for instance.

The cards come in two sizes — credit card sized (2-1/8″ x 3-3/8″) or more like a post card (3-3/8″ x 5-1/4″). You can use the Livrada tool to design the cards which can feature your book cover, blurb, website and so forth.

Livrada launched last year selling title-specific eBook gift cards at Target and other stores nationwide. Essentially a consumer could buy a gift card for a specific book with a redemption code for the option to download that title from their choice of eBook stores. So for example, you can buy a gift card for Fifty Shades of Grey and the gift recipient has the choice of downloading the title from Kindle, Nook, Kobo and so forth.

The company also announced today that it has raised a round of seed funding from ICG Ventures Inc., an Ingram Content Group company, as well as from angel investors Thomas Lehrman, William Hsu, and Shawn Yeh. The start-up did not disclose how much money they received.