Create Charts and Graphs Online With Easy Web-Based Tool

chartleFor years I have noticed a serious void on the Web. Yes despite this gaping hole, I never made any effort to fill it.

That hole WAS the ability to make simple charts online. Thanks to the void is no more. In fact, this Web-based tool is so slick and so simple to use, it far exceeds the expectations I had for such a chart maker.

You see, as someone who has gotten by for over a decade by pretending to know Powerpoint, I’ve always needed to rely on other people to create pie charts, line charts, Venn diagrams, scatter plots, static maps, interactive maps and more! Well not Chartle can make even the computer illiterate look like graphing champions.

You can even make organizational charts, time lines and motion charts.

There are many sites we’ll turn you on to here at Rotorblog, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Chartle is one that you’ll be thinking us about for years to come.

To create a chart, all you have to do is give a title, choose a font color/size and set the size of your chart.

Add your data along with a color choice, even fill the background with a swanky-looking gradient

Hit the Publish/Share/Embed button and copy and paste the snippet of code.

The site is in “early beta” and the creators expect there to be some problems.

Coming soon..

* new Ajax and Flash client
* greatly improved and more consistent chart creation
* much easier embedding of charts
* social networking friendly

If you’re looking for sweet looking charts on the quickfast, look no further!