Create as many words as you can each day in WordBog on Facebook


Social game developer Worldweaver has announced the launch of its newest game on Facebook: WordBog. The daily word game challenges players to make as many words as they can using a limited number of letter tiles, with tiles only being used once.

Each day offers a new puzzle to players, who click on letters in sequence to create words. Each letter has a different point value, and players can rotate the board clockwise or counter-clockwise to rearrange tiles with the help of gravity.

Players can check out their high score at any time, as well as those of the worldwide leaders, and can compare their scores to friends who also play the game. A word list is also available so players know which words they’ve already created, and how many points they’re worth.

Since puzzles are limited to a single day, rather than a single gameplay session, players can leave WordBog and come back later to complete the same board, increasing their overall score.

“While word games are not exactly original, we found the mechanics of rotating the board gives the game a very interesting edge and allows for almost endless possibilities of word creation,” said Chris Sterling, CEO of Worldweaver.  “Our beta release on Facebook has shown that the game is highly addictive and shows huge potential for viral uptake. Perhaps it could even end up as the ‘Sudoku’ of word games!”

WordBog is available to play for free on Facebook and is available as a premium download on Google Play, with iOS and Windows 8 versions coming soon. Check back soon to follow WordBog on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.