Create a unique profile, win $2000 at WotsCool

wotscool.jpgThe New Zealand social networking community must be having their luckiest day, as, a NZ-based social network is offering its members and would-be members a chance to win $2000 by creating the most unique and most visited profile. This is WotsCool way of inspiring its members and at the same time entices new members to join their social network.

If you are based in New Zealand and you’re among the first 300 members, you’ll get a chance to vie for the $2000 contest for the most unique and highly visited profile in WotsCool. Likewise each month, you can take some cash pot if you can create most unique profile.

Aside from the contest, WotsCool is also a full-featured social network. At WotsCool you can stay in touch with friends, meet new people, share blogs, join the forum, chat online, and share photos and links to video and content on other websites.

Sounds good? Well, there’s a catch though. If you want to win the $2000, you need to pay $8 a month. So, hope that you get lucky and your entry gets picked before going into the next month.

Don’t worry about the amount you have to pay, because along with the chance to win the $2000 you also might enjoy Wotscool’s social networking features. Hopefully, one of the top major social networking sites picked up WotsCool’s cool program and come up with its own contest. Any takers?