Create a Social Homepage with Rebel Mouse

Have you tried Rebel Mouse yet? Launched in beta on Wednesday, the site combines the layout of Pinterest with all of your status updates from Twitter and Facebook. It’s designed to be a living homepage that stays current and lets you organize the contents yourself. Rather than another social network, it’s a more social alternative to publishing platforms like WordPress.

When signing up for the waiting list, you’ll be prompted to enter your Facebook and Twitter credentials. You’ll have a choice of adding either your Facebook profile or a Page that you manage through that account. Keep in mind that Rebel Mouse is supposed to be public. If you’re going to be using your account for business purposes, make sure you add a company Facebook Page to add to your account and not your Facebook profile. A basic account is free, but if you want to use your own URL, it’s $3 a month; corporate URLs run $3 a week.

Thrillist social media manager David Pessah is among the first media pros to try it out. He synced his Twitter and Facebook accounts to display pictures and commentary from Thrillist, JackThreads, and around the Web. There are a few photos of the office and other personal touches, but it’s mostly a work-friendly front page. The posts can all be edited, moved around on the page, or highlighted like this picture of a watch below.

If you click through to the rest of the page, you’ll see he’s also got a few updates from Path and Instagram on there. Rebel Mouse doesn’t connect to other social networks yet, but if your content can be shared on either Facebook or Twitter from those sites, you can either create a new post from scratch or just send the content to Facebook and Twitter and Rebel Mouse will take it from there.

Founded by former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry, Rebel Mouse is backed by Lerer Ventures. The site will eventually offer an e-commerce platform for brands, as well as sponsored content. “I hate display advertising,” Berry told Mashable. “Brands are dying to become publishers, but they know that they are bad at it. Rebel Mouse should help them be good at it, and help them engage with influencers as well.”