Create A NewsHub For Your Next Event To Capture Geo-targeted Tweets And More

If you’re hosting an event and want folks to follow what’s happening in real-time without relying entirely on hashtags, you might want to consider creating a “NewsHub.”

It’s a great way to draw folks in and take your awareness campaign to the next level – just ask the folks at CES. They’re the first to launch a NewsHub powered by Livefyre.

If you’re at all interested in keeping up with what’s happening at CES, you’ll be pleased as a peach with this find. Working with Livefyre, a company focused on making your site social, CES (appropriately) is the first to launch its own News Hub, “so you can view photos being posted from the show, news and tweets on the products and companies making announcements from Las Vegas.”
The NewsHub pulls in geotargeted stories, tweets, and Instagram photos and can change or add new content streams in seconds using the services “stream controller.”
“With an influx of content being generated around live events, it’s nearly impossible to filter to the most interesting stuff. Everything we do here at Livefyre revolves around creating and curating real-time social interaction, and Livefyre NewsHub does just that,” said Jordan Kretchmer, Livefyre’s CEO and Founder.
It also includes “a news aggregate, tracking the most buzzed about articles on CES from leading tech sites and blogs . . . and a stream of social media tweets and images on brands making product announcements at the show so you can easily see who is generating the most conversation.”
Livefyre customers can create similar experiences for their users by taking advantage of the widgets and templates utilized in the CES NewsHub.
Sound complicated? Well, it probably is – on the backend.
So you could curate the content yourself, of course. But with ready-made templates at Livefyre and multiple technologies running at breakneck speed to automatically filter, organize and curate content, it seems the smart marketer would know which tasks to farm out. If you’re in the latter group, get more info here.
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