Crazy News Stories of the Week

“Dragon” corpse found on beach in Spain

A “dragon corpse” has washed ashore on a beach in Spain, according to FNC. Photos of the object show a long mess of organic material that appears to be fairly large. The official guess is that it may be the corpse of a thresher shark. The creature, which FNC calls a “sea monster,” is far along its decomposition process now, so scientists are relying on photos of the corpse to try and determine what it is.

Canadian dentist attempting to clone John Lennon using tooth

When Canadian dentist Michael Zuk bought one of John Lennon‘s decaying teeth for $30,00 in 2011, he said it was to raise awareness for oral cancer. But The Daily Caller‘s Taylor Bigler reports that he’s done using Lennon as a poster boy for dental hygiene, and is now using the tooth in an attempt to clone the late Beatle. Zuk announced the ambitious goal on his website and said he will work alongside a scientist to bring Lennon back. Bonus points on the headline.

Body builder has one-man party on a plane. Intruder wants to give back rubs. Fun times, right?  

Body builder parties on German government plane

We’re sure a lot of crazy things happen on Germany’s government plane, but probably not as out there as what happened July 25. It was on that day that bodybuilder Volkan T. boarded one German government plane with a bag of marijuana and ecstasy pills and proceeded to have a one-man party. Slate‘s Elliot Hannon wrote a piece on the incident, which was originally reported by Der Spiegel. The body builder stripped down to his underwear, sprayed fire extinguisher foam and danced on the wing during his party. We’re still not sure how exactly he got past security.

A hangover-proof beer?

What can be better than hangover-proof beer? We can’t think of anything either. As The Atlantic‘s John Metcalfe reports, a team of scientists in Australia is working on developing a beer that keeps you hydrated. Ben Desbrow is leading the Griffith Health Institute team under the idea that people won’t stop drinking, so there should be a smarter brew available to minimize harmful effects. Cheers!

Intruder only wants to give back rubs

When someone breaks into your apartment, they’re usually there to steal from you or cause you bodily harm. But, as HuffPost reports, Julio Yanez just wanted to give back rubs. Yanez, of Boone, N.C., entered a woman’s apartment, got in her bed and tried to give her a back rub. The woman told him to leave, but he decided to give it another shot. She told him to leave again and he was later arrested. After his arrest, more women came forward with similar allegations. By the way, the lede is “Looks like this suspect definitely rubbed some people the wrong way.” We like puns.