10 Totally Crazy Harry Potter Fans On YouTube

Spectrum patronus! ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ is finally here and obsessed Harry Potter fans everywhere are coming out of the woodwork. Think you’re obsessed enough with Harry Potter to need an intervention? So grab your butter beer and your invisibility cloak, because after seeing these ten crazy fan videos you may feel like more of a Muggle than a wizard.

World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan

There’s no bigger Harry Potter fan than Harry Potter himself. This guy looks like Harry Potter, calls himself Harry Potter, and surrounds himself with Harry Potter paraphernalia – he’s got three rooms full – and he even wore dress robes to Prom!

My Harry Potter House Tour

If you thought Harry Potter himself was obsessed, wait until you see this woman’s Harry Potter house. She has Harry Potter posters, souvenirs and artifacts in literally every nook and cranny!

Harry Potter biggest fan contest. Heh.

This woman says she’s the biggest Harry Potter fan in America. She’s got a ‘Snape’ license plate and all four Hogwarts houses tattooed on her. Now that’s obsession.

‘The Biggest’ Harry Potter Fan

This girl is such a big Harry Potter fan that she was escorted to the first screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in a limo. She says she watched The Philosopher’s Stone 78 times, Chamber of Secrets 91 times, Prisoner of Azkaban 104 times, and Goblet of Fire 111 times! How many times have you seen them?

Crazy Harry Potter fan gets a “Wand”

I have never seen anyone more excited to receive a present in my life than this girl is to receive a Harry Potter wand!

Confessions of a Potterholic

In this video, Alex reveals his deepest, darkest secret – he’s a Harry Potter fan! He has totally immersed himself in the world of Potter fandom. And, I should point out, that he has also immersed himself in the world of YouTube and looks forward to becoming the most-viewed and most-subscribed to guy on YouTube, so why not do him a favor and subscribe!

Obsessed Harry Potter Fan’s Reaction To Movie News

How upset were you when Harry Potter movie releases were delayed in the past? Upset enough to cry?

Harry Potter’s biggest fan!

This Japanese Harry Potter just may win the award for the most adorable Harry Potter fan ever.


Ally and Lili Blanchard are obsessed with Harry Potter and they’ve got a whole YouTube Channel dedicated to it. Their channel, AlwaysPureBlood, has got over 3 million upload views. As you can see from the video below, these girls are Harry Potter experts.

The Real Harry Potter Fans

Emerson Spartz started MuggleNet when he was eleven years old. The site has grown to be the biggest Harry Potter fansite and resource on the web. Now that’s what I call hardcore.