Crazy Dude Launches Print Music Mag: Will Blurt Survive?

The first print issue of Blurt hit newsstands late last month. It’s a glossy magazine about indie rock. It has had a web site,, for nine months.
And now publisher and former musician Scott Crawford thinks it’s time to launch a print magazine?
“2009 is looking very, very healthy,” Crawford told the Washington Post. “People have been saying print’s dead since 2001. We’re certainly seeing more and more evidence of it now, but I’m fairly confident.”
Is he crazy or prescient? The Post reports that the first issue of Blurt had 40 ad pages and that Crawford thinks the magazine could turn a profit soon. Currently, the magazine’s run “virtually” with freelancers across the country—no big expensive offices here. Could it work?
Here’s Simon Dumenco, media columnist for Advertising Age:

Blurt’s backers clearly believe that there’s a subset of that audience that wants more carefully curated information—information assembled by journalistic pros with a sometimes almost literary sensibility. I believe that’s true. I just don’t know how big that niche is. And advertisers are definitely showing a diminishing interest in reaching that audience through print vehicles.

Only time will tell, of course, but with music magazines (like Blender) shutting down all the time, it does seem like a bit of a risky venture.