A Strange Hollywood Blog Story Grows Stranger

Over the weekend, New York Post reporter Maureen Callahan shared a fairly sizable Hollywood scoop: an interview with “Enty,” the pseudonymous operator of showbiz gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights (CDaN). In recent weeks, the site has received a lot of coverage because of the Robert Downey Jr. identity-claims made by commenter “Himmmm.”

Callahan’s article was published April 1, leading a number of observers to speculate that the piece is a joke. More precisely, that the interview did properly occur but was a vehicle for misinformation. Sure enough, after vetting the details given to her by this alleged 43-year-old wills and probate attorney, Callahan came to the following conclusion:

Nearly everything Enty says doesn’t check out… It all indicates that Hollywood and the media have been punked – duped by a soft-spoken probate lawyer with delusions of grandeur. And he’s only getting bolder, accusing aging and dead stars of a rape, murder, pedophilia.

But was Callahan herself also played? She updated the article Monday with confirmation from Nick Denton that Gawker Media has never made an offer to buy CDaN. She also got a pretty funny response from the newest (unnamed) celebrity fingered by Enty as being tied to that infamous Himmmm reader account.

All in all, the CDaN plot has now officially become thicker than any Christopher Nolan movie subtext. Columnist Liz Smith shared a veiled reference to this NYP coverage, while March 31 observations made on CDaN by Enty about his imminent exchange with Callahan were apparently subsequently amended.