Crawford: Where The Sun Is Hotter Than Her Lipstick

Julie Mason is doing a splendid job blogging from Crawford, TX, providing us with plenty of color about life as a reporter down there.


…”the general, low-grade anxiety of the filing center during the workday”

…how “Garcia and Wendell Goler of Fox News have no truck with a War on Terriers.”

…how “Nedra Pickler from the AP is just as cute as a button.”

…”At one point, a giant bug lumbered across the cement floor and menaced the secretary of state. Several people took pictures. Rice stood there, staring down at it, smiling nervously. It eventually diverted course away from the secretary’s Ferragamos and Bush continued discussing the Great Challenge of the 21st Century. In the van on the way back, a testy debate ensued over whether it was a palmetto bug or one of Central Texas’ notorious crickets. No decision.”

But, what: No pictures from the bar? Didn’t Curl just arrive? Let’s get the party started right. Let’s get the party started quickly.

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