“Crash” landing at the Oscars

Bob Yari – arrogant moneyman, or wrongfully marginalized movie-macher?

You have a choice of articles to peruse today regarding Yari’s legal clash over “Crash” and his lack of a producer credit on the Oscar nominated film.

Variety‘s piece is fairly straight-forward, but the LAT’s take carries the odd quote from Yari’s attorney, who either misspoke or was misquoted:

“All we want to do is to get the rules changed,” said Yari lawyer Patricia Glaser. “It’s just fundamentally fair (itals ours), and we want it fixed.”


Anyway, we can’t help but notice that regardless of who’s to blame in this unseemly mess of credit-hogging and money-stiffing, “Crash” producer Cathy Schulman should probably start choosing her employers more carefully: The last job she held ended the same way, with her in protracted legal wangling with Michael Ovitz over the ashes of Artists Production Group.