Crappy Apps Infect Facebook

This morning I spent a few minutes looking through the “Recently Popular” applications on Facebook and I have to say that I’m not impressed. Click on “Most Activity” in the application directory and you will be even more disappointed. Today, I am proud to present those applications that show up on the first page of “Most Activity”:

  • Secret Revealer
  • Who were you in a past life?
  • What’s your sexual personality?
  • On a deserted island with…
  • Kral & Kraliçe
  • Lil’ Green Patch
  • Are you a jerk?
  • Which rockstar are you?
  • Funnest Person Contest
  • Yes or No?
  • Best buds
  • What is your sexual personality?
  • What is your Dance Style?
  • Penis or Vagina?
  • What kind of chocolate would you be?
  • Which swear word are you?
  • Is he your soulmate?
  • What is your booze IQ?
  • What Type of Music Are You?

This will not be a daily activity on this blog due to the lack of quality listed in the directory. Today, the number of the applications in the directory will surpass 13,000. This many applications has made the current application directory practically useless. This makes me wonder will there be a more efficient system for filtering throug the junk and determining which ones are worthwhile to try out?

One of the most disappointing applications is “What swear word are you?” The application asks you a list of 10 or 11 random questions. You are then forced to invite 20 people prior to finding out what swear word you are. I cannot possibly imagine the result of this survey being worthy of me inviting 20 of my closest friends to the application. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users thought it was worthwhile though. Yesterday the application attracted close to 180,000 users.

Is there any value in creating applications like these? I can’t possibly imagine an advertiser deciding that it’s a good idea to advertise on the “What kind of slut are you?” application. What filtering tools would help you to find the best applications? Do you think these crappy applications are becoming a serious problem?