Will Crank's Controversial Facebook App Rival Burger King's?

What would you do for $1,000? That’s the question the new Crank sweepstakes is asking. And yes, that’s Crank 2 High Voltage the movie. In theaters on April 17th, the Lionsgate film is running a sweepstakes, 14 Days of Mayhem, to promote the upcoming Crank. And this contest is mayhem indeed (access the contest here). The Visionaire Group is the creative agency behind this unique application.
Leveraging Facebook Connect, the Crank sweepstakes not only makes it easy to register for the contest but it uses the handy Facebook newsfeed in order to spread the promotion throughout your social graph. And in a potentially controversial marketing ploy, Crank is asking the participants to publish some pretty crazy stuff in their news feeds.

On day one, the Crank contest dared me to let the application post a video of my “granny getting humped.” Is this something you’d be interested in? You know in the back of your mind the application has no such video, and what will actually appear in your news feed will likely be a pretty hilarious clip. But you don’t really know what’s going to happen, and you have no idea what your friends will think once they see the clip.
Being fearless enough to take on the sweepstakes’ daily challenges will give you a chance to win the $1,000 prize. And inviting your friends to join in on the Crank sweepstakes will increase your chances of winning as well. But at what price?
Knowing the nature of many Facebook users, there will be a good amount willing to pay that price. As we’ve seen with other marketing ploys run on Facebook (remember Burger King?), the more controversial the promotion, the more users it will attract. The mere act of being controversial can attract enough attention to make the risk worth while–it’s the movie ticket sales that count in the end.
If you’re brave enough to complete the 14 tasks required to put yourself in the running for the Crank contest, let us know what they are and how your Facebook friends felt about humping videos being posted on your profile, hence showing up in their news feeds.