Craigslist Ad: Executive Luxury Gift Buyer


FBLA found a job on Craigslist that sounds so fun, and yet has the potential to be so awful. It pays $100K, and you earn every penny, we’re guessing.

Executive Luxury Gift Buyer

Executive/CEO and wife
(this is where the un-fun part starts)

Special Projects
Review 26 magazines monthly for ideas, inspiration, and new information–maintain library of back issues. Produce a monthly “luxury lifestyle” binder for Mr. and Mrs. that keeps them informed of current events, what’s hot in wines, cigars, cosmetics, travel, electronics, cars, luggage, clothing, jewelry and accessories.
(Twenty-six magazines? We’re guessing that this isn’t one of those.)

Gift Buying
Research, purchase and wrap gifts.
Present a list to Mr. and/or Mrs. of gift ideas and suggestions for each upcoming event: birthday, get-well, baby, wedding, thank-you, “just because…” etc.

(As well as “Sorry about the plastic surgery”, “Good luck on your court date!” and “Bon Voyage from the whole studio” gifts.)

We’re thinking that the real job is luxury gift buyer, returner, regifter and schlepper.

Idle thought: could the Beckhams be staffing up already?