Craig Mazin Apologizes for Not Shutting Up


Craig Mazin seems to think that Claudia Eller screwed him over in the LA Times:

When I spoke to Claudia Eller, her intent was to do an article alleging a possible growing splinter movement within the Guild.

Soooo…while I have no problem reiterating my essential thesis, which is that New Media is the only thing that matters right now and our union should drop its valueless bargaining chips in order to get to the meat of the issue, I insisted to Claudia that she also print my larger point, which was that this was no time for splinter groups in our union.

She promised to do that.

She didn’t.

Here’s the LAT piece, if you missed it. And the offending statements–really short:

Writer Craig Mazin, a former board member and frequent critic of union leaders, called some of the additional demands, such as jurisdiction over feature animation and reality TV, misguided and not achievable.

“New media is the only thing that matters,” Mazin said, who also has been sharply critical of the studios’ proposals. “It’s what the leadership went on strike for.”

Mazin needs to cheer up. He got nearly 150 comments, which is about 50x great than the number of readers of Eller’s piece.