CrackBerry Has First Look BlackBerry Storm 2 Photos: Looks Like Cosmetic Changes to Me

BlackBerry Storm 1 photo courtesy of RIM (left); BlackBerry Storm 2 photo courtesy of (right) published a set of pictures of the unreleased BlackBerry Storm 2…

Exclusive: First Look at the BlackBerry Storm 2!!

I grabbed a photo of the Storm 1 and placed it next to CrackBerry’s front face photo of the Storm 2 in the image above. I don’t see much in the way of design changes except for the ear speaker grill (top) and button icon designs (bottom).

It would have been great if RIM put one of their well regarded physical QWERTY thumb keyboards on the Storm 2. If you are going to work with a lot of email or other text-focused tasks, it is really better to have a physical QWERTY keyboard instead of touch screen one (even if it is a “clickable” touch screen).