CQ’s Stern To Co-Author Brennan Bio

From here:

    The long-awaited authorized biography of the late Justice William Brennan Jr. is back on track. Biographer Stephen Wermiel, associate professor at American University’s Washington College of Law, said last week he has recruited a collaborator and co-author to help “jump-start” the completion of the work, which he began in 1986 while Brennan was still on the Court. Wermiel covered the Court for The Wall Street Journal at the time.

    “I’m excited about it,” said Wermiel, 56. “It will be fun to actually be able to share the experience with someone.”

    The new co-author is Seth Stern, 31, a reporter for Congressional Quarterly who covers the House and Senate Judiciary committees and is a 2001 Harvard Law School graduate. Stern will keep his day job but is plowing through reams of Brennan material on nights and weekends. “It certainly is daunting, with his three-plus decades on the Court,” says Stern. “There is a good chunk of work to do…It will be done.”

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