CQ’s Mike Riley Needs Your Help

From an internal CQ email:

    From: New Exec. Editor Mike Riley
    To: CQ Newsroom

    I need your help. Would you please set aside a few minutes during the next week to give me some assistance? As you know, I’m spending my first weeks at Congressional Quarterly trying to gain an understanding of our news operation, looking at our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. So far, I’ve been most impressed with the depth of talent and your commitment to our vast range of journalistic efforts, and that makes me quite optimistic about our future. Still, I need your input to help us realize the full potential of this enterprise as we move forward. While I’m talking with many of you to get your insights, I’d also like to give everyone an opportunity to weigh in on these matters by casting my net more widely and capturing the broadest range possible of thoughts and ideas. So, if you’re willing, I’d like you to answer the items below and then either email me your response or drop it in the box outside my office. All I ask for is your candor; I’ll treat all answers confidentially.



    Number of years at CQ:

    What are the three best solutions you’d suggest to resolve what you see as the major challenges facing our news operation?

    Please limit your response to one page.

    Deadline: March 20, 2007

    Thanks. Mike