CQ’s Fruit is Breathtaking

If you did your Christmas shopping at Walgreen’s on the evening of December 24th, you might work for CQ.  At least that’s what John Dineen’s December 23rd memo suggests.  According to Dineen, while a lot of people go on vacation or do their holiday shopping, CQ was “grinding out stuff on Congress like a machine,”  “working endless hours,” and are now “ready to collapse in a heap.”  The result?  Breathtaking fruit…or something like that.  Read the exhausting memo below and then take some time off.

To the CQ staff:

As the 111th Congress comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment to take stock of what our collective teams have done in the past several weeks, a time when a lot of people get to start winding down, go on vacation, do their holiday shopping. The CQ staff, instead, has been grinding out stuff on Congress like a machine with no off switch. Anyone who follows our products can see the fruits of this work, and it is breathtaking.

We’ve continued to churn out action alerts, news stories, explanatory graphics and analytical takes on congressional actions, and what’s behind them, deep into the night and early in the morning, as the time stamps on CQ.com indicate. We’ve sent CQ Todays to Capitol Hill and other subscribers every day. We’ve done 49 issues of the Weekly, though our publishing schedule requires only 48. Our legislative action and information staffs are ready to collapse in a heap (and Neda, your hair looks very nice) but won’t give up until the last gavel falls. The news team has produced an excellent stream of stories on everything from appropriations to the START treaty, and in every format from heads ups to narrative stories in the magazine. Our vertical publications arrive in our inboxes each day without fail, even as others appear to be winding down. Our desk and operations staff have worked endless hours to keep this enterprise working.

We have a staff that has us in awe every day, and we can’t thank you enough for a terrific job. We hope you get to enjoy your holidays, and that the recess, though it will be over all too quickly, will bring you all much-needed time to catch your breath.

John and Susan