CQ Roll Call’s CFO Says Sayonara

CQ Roll Call is losing its CFO Chip Wallen to “new opportunities.” They say it wasn’t a “sudden” decision. They say they have “mixed emotions” about it. Nonetheless, the long and short of it is that he’s outta there!

The “national” hunt for a new CFO is underway.

See the effusive internal memo…

From: Keith White
Subject: Staff Change

Folks –

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the upcoming departure of Chip Wallen, our CFO, as he moves on to new opportunities outside of CQ Roll Call. This move has been in the works for some months, and it is an example of Chip’s dedication that he remained in place through the creation of our budget and our year end reporting.

Chip has had a long history with both CQ and Roll Call. I met Chip at CQ in 2001, where he proved key in forecasting revenues and forecasts from month to month. Later, as the CFO of Roll Call, he was critical in helping shepherd the acquisitions of Capitol Advantage and Congressional Quarterly, and the back office integration of the three companies. In addition, Chip was the executive sponsor of our move, and led our early investigations into the future of our daily pubs. Most recently, he helped guide CQ Roll Call to achieve our first budget in five years.

As anyone who has the pleasure of working with Chip knows, his tenure has been distinguished by his loyalty and  dedication to CQ Roll Call and The Economist Group, his work ethic, his ability to take bold actions within complex situations, and his distinguished record in hiring, which has resulted in an abundance of talent within CQ Roll Call.

Chip will remain with the company through the transition, and his responsibilities and reporting will remain intact until that time. In the meantime, we have begun a national search for a CFO reporting to me, and Chip has generously agreed to help with that transition.

Please join me in wishing Chip well in his future endeavors,