CQ Roll Call Loses Two Designers

Washington publications rarely advertise their staff departures. But today CQ Roll Call announces that two members of the design team are leaving for other pastures. In one case, Pradyot Rai is pursuing a freelance job that will let him work from home. In another, David Rothbard is joining a marketing arm of XO Communications in Herndon, Va.

See the internal memo from Editorial Director and Senior V.P. Mike Mills — short, sweet and relatively blah (the memo, not Mills)…

I regret to announce that two key members of our user experience design team, Pradyot Rai and David Rothbard, have decided to move on to other opportunities. Prady, who joined CQ Roll Call as UX Director one year ago, is leaving to pursue freelance design contracting assignments that will allow him to work from home. David, who joined CQ Roll Call as a designer in November, is joining the marketing arm of XO Communications in Herndon. In their short time here, Prady and David made outstanding contributions to the company, including the design for the new CQ Roll Call Executive Briefing, improvements to CQ.com <http://CQ.com/>  navigation, the RollCall.com <http://RollCall.com/>  redesign and designs for numerous new initiatives from Knowlegis to Capitol Advantage. We wish them both success and good fortune in their new endeavors.


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