CQ Roll Call Leaves Roll Call Print Out in Cold

There has been a swell of rumors today regarding CQ Roll Call‘s coverage of the upcoming Republican and Democratic Conventions. While brass never flat out declares that Roll Call won’t be printed at the conventions, that’s what’s happening. They’re going mostly all digital.  CQ Weekly will be a joint CQ and Roll Call reported print publication. The rest will be online, including “Daily Briefing”, which are email updates on the latest happenings every day before 4 p.m.

An official statement from the publication:

CQ Roll Call is still publishing our convention edition of CQ Weekly, so we will have a print presence, events, reporters etc, and we will be continuing our real time coverage. Our research shows that our customers and advertisers prefer real-time digital coverage, so that is the direction we are going.

That dovetails with our broader strategy, which is to invest in the areas of consumption that continue to grow – digital, mobile, social etc. We have also spent a lot of time trying to be smart about our print products — how do we recognize the changes in how they are being used, and how do we redesign and repackage them to give the greatest value to our readers.