CQ-Roll Call Group Freezing Out Bloomberg

Relations are getting icy between Bloomberg News and CQ-Roll Call Group.

A source at Bloomberg is saying that the CQ-Roll Call Group has refused to renew Bloomberg’s subscriptions to CQ’s congressional reporting services because, according to the source, “they now consider us a competitor.”

Access to CQ’s subscription-only services are considered must haves by many political journalists who rely on their legislative tracking, transcripts, and government documents to augment reporters’ work.

CQ-Roll Call Group would neither confirm nor deny that they had cut off Bloomberg’s subscription. But say sources, the freeze-out is the latest move in an underground battle playing out between Bloomberg and the recently merged publications formerly known as Congressional Quarterly and Roll Call, over Bloomberg’s plans to debut a congressional news service to compete with Capitol Hill publications, including CQ-Roll Call Group.

The top-secret Bloomberg project is known internally as BGov. Bloomberg sources say it will be devoted exclusively to tracking and covering Capitol Hill news. As FishbowlDC’s Matt Dornic has reported, the BGov project is expected to have a $100 million budget, and will create 40-50 editorial positions.

Bloomberg is keeping mum about the initiative, but hiring patterns appear to confirm the reports. In the past two months alone, the New York-based business news giant has poached healthcare reporter Drew Armstrong, banking/financial services policy reporter Phil Mattingly, and saleswoman Joanna Matthews from CQ. Bloomberg also convinced former CQ chief executive officer Bob Merry to join the board of advisors of BGov, as previously reported by FishbowlDC.