CQ Purchases

An internal CQ memo, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    To all CQ and Governing Staffers —

    I am pleased and enthusiastic to announce that CQ has purchased a Chicago-area company called TrendTRACK, which collects web-based legislative information in all 50 states and distributes it to customers through a very sophisticated delivery platform. This is the beginning of a strategic campaign that I have been contemplating and working toward for many years — moving into the area of state information and combining that valuable data with our unparalleled federal tracking service on CQ.com. We know through our market research and our dealings with customers that many of our CQ.com clients strongly desire to have similar state information available on that site. Soon, after an integration effort, we will be able to satisfy this important market need. In the meantime, we believe we can greatly enhance the sales potential of TrendTRACK services as a stand-alone product. TrendTRACK clients can use the service to create customized issue reports that are tailored to their specific interests. The reports are automatically updated with the latest developments, and the information can be integrated into clients’ web sites. In addition, TrendTRACK offers interactive email alerts that link directly to live data. This service offers speed, customization, and comprehensive and accurate search results — in short, a highly functional offering.

    TrendTRACK’s founder and CEO is Ron Hogan, and I’m pleased to report he will continue to run the enterprise from the Chicago area, along with a team that soon will number 11 persons scattered around the country. TrendTRACK’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, major trade and professional associations, educational institutions and public affairs firms.

    Please join me in welcoming Ron and his team to the CQ enterprise. I foresee great things for this new CQ service well into the future.

    Best regards, rwm