CQ Announces New Magazine and National Security Editors

Kevin Whitelaw has been named editor of CQ magazine and Jennifer Koons is the new national security editor.

CQ announced some personnel moves this afternoon.

Kevin Whitelaw has been named editor of CQ magazine. He was previously a policy editor at CQ, most recently with the money and influence team. Whitelaw has been involved in a magazine redesign, which will debut Monday. Vice president and news director Steve Komarow calls Whitelaw “perfectly positioned to lead” the magazine forward.

Jennifer Koons, who for the past four months had been acting head of CQ’s defense and diplomacy coverage, is now the national security editor. Koons’s expertise in security issues includes a Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting grant that led her to Niger, where she researched factors that lead to the rise of groups like Boko Haram, among other topics.

Sarah Chacko will cover CQ’s education and labor beat. She was previously a legislative action reporter for CQ Roll Call.