Cozy Coverage

Amongst Washington reporters and WH staffers, there’s a longstanding inside joke that Politico‘s Amie Parnes has a special way of covering the White House, namely, that she provides near universally glowing and breathless coverage of the first lady (and has even caused some to wonder whether she’s angling for a job in the East Wing). She’s a flak’s dream come true: a reporter who covers everything and anything with nary a critical tone. For the foreseeable future we’re going to chronicle Parne’s stories about the White House and see if she ever can take a critical look at the First Family. Maybe Bo is ungroomed one day?

It’s not as if Politico won’t do critical stories on FLOTUS. They just won’t come from Parnes, they’ll come from some other reporter such as Molly Ball. Read the slightly scathing story from Thursday about Charlotte being weirded out that Michelle thinks the city has good barbecue. Ball wrote, “The gaffe was enough to make you wonder whether the White House had simply cut and pasted Southern clichés to create the first lady’s announcement.” (Go Molly!)

We’re not the only ones who have noticed Parnes’ smooching.

Each week we’ll bring you Parnes’ story samplings and give her a weekly Parnes-o-meter rating of 1 to 10 kisses. For instance, 1 is mild suckup, and 10 is, well, she might as well be making out with FLOTUS.

Let’s begin.

Story: The first lady’s letter opener. Yeah, it’s just that special to a get a letter that says “White House” on it. Read here.

Score: 10