Cox’s ‘Belly Button’ Response to Diminishing Numbers


Earlier today we brought you the news of GQ Ana Marie Cox’s decline in Twitter followers.

Four hours later, she somehow tore herself away from her GQ lists and graced us with her presence, saying: “Losing 1.3% of my Twitter followers is the kind of tragedy I would write a mocking Tweet about had I not come to realize that covering the minutiae of the lives and careers of the “famous-for-DC” is exactly sort of bottom-of-the-bellybutton [sic] scraping that has caused so many Americans outside the Beltway to look upon our insular culture as something both repellant [sic], pitiable and possibly untenable.

By the way, is Fishtank hiring?”

Note to readers: We’re sure Cox is too busy with her lists and finding the bottom of her belly button to write about the lives D.C. media. It is not the 1.3 percent that necessarily means something dire, but it is noteworthy that Cox’s numbers are going down. If WaPo lost, say, 3,000 subscribers, no doubt they wouldn’t be pleased.