Cox and Carlson, on Sexual Tension

From a chat between Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox:

    Raleigh, N.C.: Good afternoon. First of all, how do y’all manage the immense sexual tension between the two of you? Second of all, what are your thoughts on possible realignment about two clicks to the left? You have 30 words each.Ana Marie Cox: It helps that Tucker is gay.Or that my husband believes him to be.Ha. Ha. Kidding, naturally.As for the less important question: Do you mean national political re-alignment? Two clicks to the left might just get us to the center, socially. Fiscally, well, I guess I’d have to register Republican just to maintain the balance. I never thought we’d nationalize anything but, you know, baseball or something, in my lifetime. Next: Higher education!

    Tucker Carlson: I don’t manage it. That’s the beauty.