Cower Defense: Defend the Planet from Aliens on Facebook

Cower DefenseBelka Technologies has launched its newest title on Facebook: Cower Defense. This mix between a tower defense game and a city-builder sees an alien army invading a planet full of cows, with players challenged to help the cows defend their planet through level-based missions. Along the way, players will build and research new technologies at their home base, unlocking additional troop types, or “towers,” for their army.

In each level of Cower Defense, players deploy cow units on strategic points along a path. Different units have strategic advantages against different types of aliens, so players are encouraged to view the database entries for each alien to know the proper cows to deploy during each stage. One may shoot a milk gun at aliens, while another fires a slingshot, and so on. Players deploy these units using milk, which is earned from fallen enemies (or as a reward from triggering the next enemy wave early).

Players can speed up the game’s progression when things are under control, and the cow sheriff provides special skills that recharge over time. For instance, one skill may see players dropping a plunger on an alien’s head to quickly eliminate it, while another drops an entire squad car on the path, damaging a group of enemies.Cower Defense 2Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their performance. After this first version is successfully completed, players unlock a more difficult version of the stage, which gives aliens more health and gives players only a single life point. If players complete that level, a final difficulty is unlocked, which may cause some varieties of defenders to be inactive during the stage.

Back at the base, players use two currencies, gold and elixir, to construct or upgrade their buildings. These currencies are generated by a mine and a distiller over time, while separate buildings can be constructed to store them in large quantities. Construction and upgrade tasks take time to complete, and players can upgrade their builder’s home to decrease these timers, or spend premium currency to finish tasks instantly. Additional tower types are unlocked as players build pits for them on this base.

Players will unlock achievements over time, receiving premium currency rewards in the process, and users can send coins to their friends once each day.

Cower Defense is available to play for free on Facebook.