Covify Lets You Scan Your Old Albums on Spotify

If you’ve got a stack of CDs you’d like to hear on Spotify, but you can’t find the albums on the list, a new app called Covify can help.

Just hold the CD up to your webcam to scan the cover. If the app recognizes the album, it will add the songs to your playlist and immediately start playing them. There’s also an iPhone app that’s good for cruising the aisles of an old record store.

Covify doesn’t actually scan the music and store it on your computer. Instead, it matches the cover to an existing database of music with the help of an image recognition software from a company called IQ Engines.

Creators Robert van Hoesel, Melvin van den Bout, Robin van Wijngaarden, and Jeroen Riemens developed the app this week at The Next Web Hack Battle 2012 in Amsterdam. “We love Spotify, but we figured getting your album collection into Spotify can be a pain in the ass,” they explained. “That’s why we created Covify.”

Check out the demo above to see how it works. (Voiceover by Netjam’s Craig Latta.)