Ohio Woman Sprinkles a Little #Covfefe Into Her Daily Commute

A fly new vanity license plate in the Buckeye State

Michael Huson, a reporter on the Metro desk at Ohio daily newspaper The Columbus Dispatch, cranked out a cool little item over the weekend. One that is today being propagated left, right and #covfefe center.

In central Ohio, it is now possible to catch a glimpse of a Subaru Outback with the vanity license plate #COVFEFE. As Huson’s item details, vehicle owner Brittany Scott says no one so far has given her a rude gesture. More commonly, people are taking photos.

Here’s a funny thing. Cortland, the community where Scott lives, is located in Trumbull County. Add a strategically placed “P” to that T-word and, well, you’ve got a pretty good categorization for her new license plate. And as you can see from the tweets below, she’s got some (select) company.

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