Cover: Politico Magazine

In honor of the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner, Politico Mag this week is all about the media:

Stories featured this week include:

The Undoing of Tina Brown – Luke O’Brien dives into the loss of $100 million dollars in the historic failure of the Newsweek and Daily Beast experiment.

What Is Hillary Afraid Of? – Glenn Thrush & Maggie Haberman explain why, if Hillary doesn’t run for president in 2016, the biggest single factor holding her back will be the media.

‘The New York Times’ Is Not Going to Turn Into Buzzfeed’ – Susan Glasser sits down for a frank conversation with former editors of the Post and the Times to talk on paywalls, why some stories are a waste of time, CNN’s missing plane coverage, and one even reveals he’s cut back on his print diet.

Is Jake Tapper CNN’s Future – Or Its Past? – Reid Cherlin looks at the crossroads of Tapper, a long-time Washington journalist, and how CNN is reaping the benefits from his singular type of Washington presence.

Lords of the Viral Internet – Jesse Hicks talks with three masters of their craft from Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Gawker on how they make you click.

Why Silicon Valley VCs Suddenly Love the Media – With venture capitalists having poured $100 million into digital content businesses, Ken Doctor asks if it’s a gold rush, a case of amnesia or a true tipping point in the fortunes of the media business.