This Twitter Cover Photo Hack Could Get You Suspended

Twitter just unveiled its newest feature, cover photos, on Tuesday, and already there are people looking for ways to hack theirs.

There are lots of fun ways you can play around with the cover photo and really make it your own, but if you do what we’re about to show you, you might get suspended.

BuzzFeed has the “how to” for this pretty cool – but dangerous – cover photo hack.

Simply download one of the image files they provide you with and voila! You’ve got a verified account.

Yes, that coveted blue check mark that graces the likes of Barack Obama and Lady Gaga can appear beside your name in just a few clicks of a mouse. Just take a look at the author’s own Twitter profile, shortly after uploading a cover photo with a blue check mark attached:

And compare the above with a real verified account below:

Looks pretty legitimate, doesn’t it?

But all is not rosy when it comes to tricking your followers into thinking you’re important enough to warrant a blue check mark. BuzzFeed reached out to Twitter to get their take on the trick, and they directed them to their rules which state:

“Misuse of Twitter Badges: You may not use a Verified Account badge or Promoted Products badge unless it is provided by Twitter. Accounts using these badges as part of profile photos, header photos, background images, or in a way that falsely implies affiliation with Twitter will be suspended.”

As BuzzFeed says… “So, uh, that might happen.”

Whether you choose to flaunt the rules or not when uploading your cover photo, it’s still a good idea to read Twitter’s rules first to avoid a blunder that might get you suspended.

Do you have a cool cover photo? Share yours in the comments below.

(Access denied image Shutterstock)