Courtney Love Sued Again Over Her Unrestrained Tweets

It’s been just under three months since Courtney Love settled a lawsuit for $430,000 after being sued for defamation on Twitter. And now the erstwhile celebrity is back in the headlines, being sued by her former law firm for statements she tweeted, yet again.

In an exclusive story in The Hollywood Reporter, Courtney Love is revealed to be back in a legal battle over Twitter. But this time, she’s fighting a law firm that once represented her several years ago. If that’s not a headache, I don’t know what is.

Gordon & Holmes, the law firm which represented Love in her quest for money allegedly stolen from the late Kurt Cobain, has filed papers against Love citing action for libel and other results of defamatory statements she made on Twitter.

Specifically, the suit claims that Love harmed one of the partner’s, Rhonda Holmes, career by making false statement about her on Twitter, after Holmes had asked Love to refrain from “any and all substance abuse” when the firm was representing the celebrity.

Here’s an example of one of the tweets that Love allegedly blasted off in anger at Holmes:

“I was f***ing devastated (sic) when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off […]”

Love also apparently claimed that Holmes had accepted a bribe during an interview in 2009. The lawsuit names these defamatory statements coupled with the fact that Love is a celebrity as reasons why they were damaging to Holmes’ career, and seeks unspecified damages.

This is not a good time for Love. I haven’t been able to find a Twitter account for her since she settled her previous lawsuit, but some speculated that she did tweet for a short time from a now-deleted semi-anonymous account. However, it’s a good bet that she’ll stay away from Twitter now.