Journo Challenges Courtney Love’s Recollection of ‘Pugilistic’ Events

One of the more entertaining celebrity interviews published this week was a Q&A in LA Weekly with Courtney Love. The singer-songwriter-troublemaker was in free-wheeling form for a telephone interview with “West Coast Sound” reporter Lina Locaro, talking about her stripper days, a key early review from Robert Hilburn in the LA Times and more.

However, judging by reaction in the comments from Belissa Cohen, who once wrote the Weekly‘s influential “L.A. Dee Da” column, the Q&A should be taken with a large grain of salt. To Love’s account of how an altercation with the journalist went down, Cohen had this to say:

Courtney has always felt free to make up “truths” and history and in this interview she does it again. I never had a cousin who worked for Gloria Allred, who I had never met before (I cold-called her office) but who gladly took my case against the oft-violent Ms. Love; I never shoved Courtney (she is much taller and bigger than I am), and what she says she said to me during the altercation that she instigated is not at all what she said.

I personally was stone cold sober at the time; I venture La Love was far from it. We had a long history in which Courtney constantly pursued me, for a number of years, in person and via telephone, to write about her in “L.A. Dee Da,” which I often did… My contributions to her success and personal notoriety conveniently went out of her (probably severely altered) mind when she took the opportunity, at a fashion show of all places, to become pugilistic. Clearly, most of what comes out of Courtney Love’s mouth originates in her imagination rather than in reality. Which is what makes her such an original performer/individual, but not a reliable source of factual information and a loose cannon all around. No need to believe 90% of what Courtney Love says; it is pure fantasy.

Yikes. A little later in the same interview, former Hole bandmate Eric Erlandson jumps in via Editor’s Note to suggest that Love is “confused” when talking about some guitars that were allegedly filched from storage.

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