Court TV Comes To Town

In the words of OMC, “How Bizarre”….

On the day when the much-anticipated Moussaoui verdict was announced right across the river in Alexandria, Court TV held its DC bureau opening party at the Kennedy Center (held jointly with Capitol File, who provided the four lovely ladies to check people in–always appreciated CF).

And on the day when Court TV held its bureau opening party in Washington, Court TV CEO Henry Schleiff–who was at the event–told staffers that he is losing his CEO position at the network (TVNewser has all the details here).

But back to the important stuff: The party. On a beautiful evening on the Kennedy Center’s Roof Terrace, attendees mingled with Senator Frank Lautenberg, Martin O’Malley, Matt Cooper and Stuart Taylor, among others. Court TV anchors Jamie Floyd, Lisa Bloom, Fred Graham and Savannah Guthrie also made the rounds.

Court TV’s DC Bureau is their first bureau (located on North Capitol St.) and many think it will be their only bureau. As one guest said, “Where the hell else are they going to go? Asheville, North Carolina?” Indeed, DC will certainly provide the network with plenty of material, from our legendary scandals to the Supreme Court (they’re pushing hard–with the help of Sen. Arlen Specter–to get cameras in there). If legal soap operas are their bread and butter, we’ve got plenty of that.

The network is can currently be seen in 86 million homes and Savannah Guthrie will be the bureau’s lead correspondents.

Will Court TV become the sexier C-SPAN we’ve all been waiting for? If the schwag bags were any indication–Important Item: A mini-bottle of good vodka–that may very well be the case.