CourseFeed Application Reaches 1 Million Users; Verified App Announcements Soon

CourseFeed, an education application developed by ClassTop, Inc. and former fbFund recipient, is quickly approaching 1 million monthly active users (MAU). The app now has 997,712 MAU and has been experiencing serious user growth – earlier this month, it only had around 100,000 MAU, according to AppData.

What is CourseFeed? The app has two main functions: finding your classmates and organizing school courses. Users of the application can group their friends by context (elementary, middle school, high school, college, or graduate school) and view their latest status updates from within the app. In addition, users can sync their classes with the app to get course updates and watch and discuss video lectures on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to robotics.

An Introduction to Robotics lecture at Stanford University, one of the many lectures available on CourseFeed

CourseFeed’s jump in user acqusition comes at an interesting time, as talk went on about CourseFeed possibly being the first verified application to go live. In reality, Facebook hasn’t formally announced the first batch of applications to go live under its Application Verification Program. The verification badge (a trademark of a verified app) that users were seeing on CourseFeed’s page earlier this week was due to pre-announcement testing, Facebook clarified.

The program, announced at last year’s f8 developer conference in July and launched in November, is designed to distinguish applications that meet the guiding principles for trustworthiness from the sea of other apps on the Facebook Platform. If an application passes the program’s evaluation process, it’s given several benefits, including “increased visibility” and a badge that’s placed on the app’s About Me page. Chosen applications are re-evaluated every year.

As the Application Verification Program rolls out, following the first set of verified applications will be one way to assess how much value the program is bringing to participants. If verified apps are indeed being noticed more because of the program, then the $375 dollar application fee may end up being a small price to pay.