Coupons Get Their Own Social Network: Scissors Need Not Apply

Everyone loves a coupon. And, as a loyal Social Times reader, you know that increasingly your friends are “feeling the love” on your social networks. Myzerr combines the attraction of coupons with the affinity and interaction of communities to offer brands and social groups new ways to build sales and loyalty. The site is currently in beta and with each click, one can hear a voice shouting, “But, wait. There’s More!”
Myzerr is free for all users. Any local or online business can set up a page for their business to promote coupons. Users can then download their coupons, follow their favorite businesses, “cheer” good coupons and “boo” poor offers, as well as share coupons with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

Taking community principles one step further, groups can set up a page for their local community members. For example, a local school parents association can establish a group and use Myzerr to invite businesses to provide deals just for them. Deals can be promoted via e-mail and social networks and Myzerr provides group membership management tools. These rewards can provide incentives for loyalty both to the sponsoring group and participating businesses. Myzerr suggests that these programs can also be used as employee benefits.
The site’s home page does not provide clear direction to a first-time visitor and one can see many placeholders on drill down. However, setting up a group is quick and easy; the group management tools are straightforward.

Setup for a business is equally straightforward, including promotion through existing social network pages. The investment in time is small and, aside from graphics, costs are nil. The site allows setting limits on coupon use and reports to businesses the demographics of those using their coupons. This makes Myzerr a good place for business to explore web couponing.
“Social Networks can connect people with each other when they have a shared interest in specific objects,” said Myzerr founder Slade Sherman. “We are trying to give community groups as many tools as possible to connect with businesses in their area and offer relevant local reward coupons to their group.”
Myzerr describes its site as “open social,” allowing coupons to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The site touts an upcoming iPhone app that will allow users to find nearly deals using a map showing coupon icons. Users show the coupon on the iPhone to businesses who can scan the coupon in-store. Widgets and applets for groups and businesses to easily download and promote their coupons are also in the pipeline.