Couple Suing Twitter To Have Handle Returned To Them

Love your Twitter handle? Well, let’s hope there isn’t a business out there with the same name that wants it – or you might be out of luck, Chuck.

A couple in Idaho had a Twitter handle for three years and lost it because a resort going by the same name wanted the handle.

It can’t be THAT easy to lose your Twitter name, can it? Apparently, yes. But they’re fighting to get it back.

According to ABC News, Leonard Barshack and Erin Smith are suing Twitter and Sun Valley Resort to stop the resort from using the @SunValley handle (which it’s using right now).

It appears the the Sun Valley Resort originally used the @SunValleyResort handle . . .

The account was created in October 2012 – and this is when the resort contacted Twitter about the @SunValley account and Twitter reached out to the couple.

 Twitter sent Barshack an email, saying he was in violation of the Twitter’s rules.

“At that time, Twitter gave the following reason for the suspension, ‘We have received a valid report and determined that your account, (at)sunvalley, is engaged in non-parody impersonation,'” according to the Barshack’s complaint, filed earlier this month in Idaho’s 5th District Court in Blaine County.

Barshack opened the account in 2008 and says he was NOT attempting to impersonate the resort.

He said his tweets covered a variety of subjects, including Apple products like the iPhone, local weather, including ski conditions, a pig roast and skiing.

He told The Associated Press on Monday that he wasn’t trying to undermine the resort’s operation or reputation.

“My long-term plan was to promote local business,” Barshack said. “One day I woke up, and Twitter had taken my handle away.”

Twitter’s impersonation rules are clear, of course. But if Barshack is telling the truth, how does this qualify as impersonation?

That kinda stinks, doesn’t it? What do you think of this? And do you think he’ll get the Twitter handle back?

(Image from Shutterstock)