Coupla Interns Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad

Oh, interns. Those crazy kids, blowing into the city for the summer from places with funny names like Texarkana and Kalamazoo, living in walkups, three to a bedroom, one in the closet, and apparently doing nothing but showing up hungover, drinking all night, and stealing company property.

The idea with an internship is that you’re a company’s chew toy for three months. You get abused. So where Forbes gets off talking about all the horrible things interns have done, we don’t know, but it misses the point, maybe.

Some egregious examples: dressing inappropriately, stealing laptops, stealing mail. “At Oprah magazine, a pair of summer interns intercepted fashion show invitations meant for high-level editors and sent back RSVPs with the editors’ names crossed out and their own written in.” A Forbes intern started work on a tell-all book about her internship, apparently before the internship ended.

Okay, yeah, those are all terrible ideas: don’t do ’em. But if you’re hoping for Forbes to then balance the piece by writing about the annoying, weird, or illegal things employers have asked their interns to do, well, stop hoping. ‘Cause it ain’t happening.