Country Life and Social City Head Up This Week’s List of Fastest Gaining Facebook Games by DAU

Country Life, the first and only game by a developer of the same name, has beaten out Playdom’s new star Social City to top this week’s AppData list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by daily active users (DAU).

That’s a small surprise, because city building games are the hot new thing, while farming simulations aren’t growing much — with the exception of FarmVille and, apparently, Country Life. But the latter has deviated from the normal practice of adding a lot more monthly active users than DAU. Over the past few days, Country Life’s DAU as a percentage of MAU has in fact shot up five points to 34 percent.

Such sudden growth in DAU may have something to do with Country Life’s latest upgrades and improvements, which allow players to build houses, greenhouses and mills in “yards” of various sizes, as well as add new decorations. The additions (perhaps along with an outreach campaign) may be bringing lapsed players back to check out the game.

Or the growth may be a temporary blip; next week we’ll know for sure. Here are all 20 on the list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Country Life3,021,571+443,866+14.69
2. Social City2,851,283+375,781+13.18
3. Zoo World2,523,588+372,851+14.77
4. Café World9,183,779+286,873+3.12
5. Mafia Wars6,823,340+270,936+3.97
6. Bubble Island832,712+252,350+30.30
7. Poker Blitz234,680+234,642+99.98
8. PetVille5,151,262+211,919+4.11
9. Happy Aquarium4,779,802+165,151+3.46
10. Tiki Resort706,868+116,583+16.49
11. Happy Pets1,865,998+103,881+5.57
12. Animal Paradise1,006,343+98,890+9.83
13. MindJolt Games3,420,044+90,876+2.66
14. Ninja Saga800,045+83,769+10.47
15. Pet Society4,535,872+78,899+1.74
16. (Lil) Farm Life674,087+65,549+9.72
17. 開心水族箱1,520,120+56,139+3.69
18. Bejeweled Blitz2,852,154+53,272+1.87
19. Glamble Poker162,337+47,354+29.17
20. Country Story1,120,329+44,920+4.01

Social City, the number two entry, has finally lost some DAU as a percentage of MAU, although it is still gaining DAU overall. Last week we pointed out that an improbably high 44 percent of Social City’s players were returning daily. That number has now fallen to 34 percent. That’s no skin off Playdom’s back, though, as the game’s overall numbers continue to shoot upward.

Zoo World, Café World and Mafia Wars are all older RockYou and Zynga games that may only be checking in temporarily. Bubble Island, though, is definitely gaining both new MAU and DAU. It just passed Wooga’s other game, Brain Buddies, in MAU, and has almost quadruple its DAU, making it the European company’s first big success.

We’ll round out the commentary with number seven, Poker Blitz. This is Zynga’s latest game, and as you can see, it has gained all its 234,860 DAU in a week — actually, in just five days. We recently reviewed the game, which is basically a dumbed down version of Texas HoldEm Poker with the addition of power-ups and other video game mechanics. So far, it looks like a winner.