Today On Twitter: #CountriesbyVogueWriters

We don’t want to distract you from the Olympics, but this really deserves a mention in case you missed it.

There are few things more hilarious (or relentless) than journalists cracking jokes at or exposing others’ faux pas – and today we bring you a doozy.

This Newsweek piece by Joan Juliet Buck is the talk of Twitter today, offering tweets that are just too hilarious to miss.

Joan Juliet Buck used to write for Vogue until she wrote this glowing piece about Syria’s first lady that was published by Vogue early last year. Facing condemnation for the piece, Vogue later took it down from their site and Buck’s contract with Vogue was not renewed.

Buck is now publishing a memoir and has shared a new article: “Syria’s Fake First Family: My Notorious Interview With Mrs. Assad, First Lady of Hell” to explain how the first post came to be (she was tricked by Mrs. Assad, basically).

The piece offers a very different viewpoint from her original article, distressingly so even for a piece appearing in a fashion magazine, and THAT would be enough to talk about if she hadn’t given folks the following gem to work with near the beginning of the article:

Syria. The name itself sounded sinister, like syringe, or hiss.

The result has been a nonstop stream of quips tagged with #CountriesbyVogueWriters, including:

But outside of the fun #CountriesbyVogueWriter tweets (and there are many – check them out), the overarching problem folks have with this piece can be summarized below:


What do you think? Set aside a few minutes (okay, twenty minutes) to read both pieces, if you haven’t already, and let us know if you think this criticism is deserved or not.

(Mocking image from Shutterstock)