Countdown to Myspace Mania

Last week I reported about tomorrow’s platform launch. Today Myspace sent an email out to developers that registered for the platform to state that the developer sandbox will launch tonight at midnight. MySpace is historically slow with launching new services though so I’m sure we should expect delays tonight. This is the most significant launch since the launch of the Facebook platform last May. The only question that remains is if MySpace will have the same viral growth for developers that Facebook provided.

As I discussed this morning on AllFacebook, social platforms need to provide developers with significant incentives if they want an influx of new developers. MySpace will need to provide the same thing and given their user base of around 90 million members there are great odds that MySpace can accomplish something massive.

MySpace has launched profile newsfeeds and now has a number of other features similar to the Facebook platform. It has been rumored that MySpace was going to duplicate a lot of the features that Facebook uses but that initially it would simply be a widget platform. I have a feeling that tomorrow we will see a more widget based type of platform and an evolution over the coming months.

Whatever ends up tomorrow, it is still monumental as platforms slowly begin to open up. Are you going to be developing applications for MySpace? Do you think users will even care?