Countdown to iPhone: 21 days

iphone.jpgAnticipation is building for what promises to be the biggest cellphone release of the year.

On June 29th, Apple will launch the iPhone nationwide on AT&T’s wireless network. CNET News is running an analysis of the whole shebang, reporting that Apple “is preparing for one of the most pivotal summers in its history.”

As CNET News points out, it’s not like anyone wasn’t warned that Apple was trending away from desktops and laptops. Back in January, the company changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple Inc., reflecting its newfound focus on consumer electronics such as the iPod line, Apple TV, and now the iPhone.

No one expects Apple to stop making computers, of course. Just the thought of that would send Mac fans into a frenzy, probably one that was even worse than the zombie mobs from last month.

Get ready for the summer of Apple [CNET News]