Council of Fashion Designers of America to Honor Marc Jacobs with Lifetime Achievement Award

While we knew back in March that Marc Jacobs was once again in the running for this year’s Council of Fashion Designers of America‘s award for Womenswear Designer of the Year (something he won last year, as well as in 1997 and 1992), he’s likely going to go home happy regardless of another win or not. At tonight’s ceremony, held at Lincoln Center and hosted by Anderson Cooper, Jacobs is set to receive the CFDA’s lifetime achievement award, handed to him by Sofia Coppola, just one of the estimated ten million famous people who are sure to be in attendance. Jacobs told the AP, “It’s crazy. I mean, I have a lot more to do. ‘Achievement’ sounds final. I’d like to call it ‘Lifetime of achievement — and for what’s left to achieve.’ I have no intention of slowing down. I don’t rest anyway.” Personally speaking, we’re really hoping that, when he gets up to receive the award tonight, he calls out Justin Bieber for copying Jacob’s bottle design for the singer’s new perfume, but from the reports last week when that extremely important controversy flared up, Jacobs didn’t seem too bent out of shape about it, so we’re not going to hold our collective breaths.