Coulter Talks Maher, Wonkette and WHCD

Conservative pundit and frequent TV commentator Ann Coulter spoke at GWU Wednesday night to a large crowd of Republicans, a few Democrats, and at least one angry Libertarian, who gave her the finger when she told him she wasn’t a gay marriage supporter. The speech was usual Coulter fare, but one quote stuck out.

Asked by one student about marijuana legalization, Coulter said she was going to have to disappoint most of the room. She’s opposed. Primarily this is because men who start smoking pot early tend to have a “sunken chest” and wind up being about as tall as Bill Maher.

After the speech, Coulter spoke with a small group of reporters. She addressed one question about why her new book, Demonic, due out June 7. It doesn’t feature her mug on the cover as most of her past books do. Beside the fact that the title wouldn’t fit with her “smiling face”, a sample cover with her photo didn’t get the Matt Drudge seal of approval.

“I sent the cover to Matt Drudge and he hysterically said, ‘No, no, no! Just the title, just your name.'” Coulter didn’t think her publisher would be cool with it, but asked anyway. “I tried, and they accepted it, and we all loved it,” she said.

Coulter said she’d happily come as a guest to some fancy schmancy WHCD parties, but there was a catch: “Will it help me sell books?” Fishbowl promised 10,000 books sold if she’d come. Whoops.

In other Coulter news you won’t want to miss…

We asked Coulter if she reads Wonkette, in light of the controversy over a story published today that mocked Sarah Palin‘s son, Trig, who has Down syndrome. She hadn’t seen or heard of the story. “There’s so much on the Internet, I don’t have time to read everything…but I wouldn’t look up Wonkette,” she said matter-of-factly.

And if you were wondering, yes. Coulter is well-versed on Charlie Sheen and his announcement last night in D.C. that he’s a “birther.”

Photo credit: GWU student John Torrisi